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05/15/2024: Riley Satterfield, Joseph Berglund, and James McMillen graduated with Bachelor's degree. 

Riley has been accepted in PhD program at University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Joseph has been accepted in PhD program at Rice University.

James has been accepted in PhD program at Northeastern University.

Big congratulations to Riley, Joseph and James. Well done!

4/9/2024: Jacob has been selected to receive the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) award. Jacob will conduct the sponsored project "Moiré confinement of strain-induced topological phase transitions in 2D Van der Waals materials” at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).  Congratulations!

3/6/2024: Guang has been chosen as the 2024 recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity. Congratulations!

3/1/2024: Xiaoqian's paper titled "Epitaxial Growth of Large-Scale 2D CrTe2 Films on Amorphous Silicon Wafers With Low Thermal Budget" has been published in Advanced Materials. Congratulations!

1/15/2024: Hriday Dhar Joni and Avinash Sah joined our research group as Graduate Research Assistant. Welcome to the group, Joni and Avinash!

8/23/2023: Dr. Guang Bian has been selected as a 2023 Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Experimental Physics Investigator. We thank the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation for the generous funding support, which enables us to pursue transformative research in novel topological and quantum materials!

7/1/2023: Our project "Synthesis and Characterization of 2D Weyl Semimetals in Epitaxial Bismuthene" has been funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE). Congratulations!.

4/26/2023:Jacob's paper "Moiré Modulated Lattice Strain and Thickness-Dependent Lattice Expansion in Epitaxial Ultrathin Films of PdTe2" has been published in 2D Materials. Congratulations! 

2/28/2023:Our project titled "Exploring Emergent Interfacial Magnetism in Artificial Heterostructures" is funded by MU Research Council. Congratulations! 

2/27/2023: Our collaborative paper "Multilayered Atomic Relaxation in van der Waals Heterostructures" has been published in Physical Review X. Congratulations! 

2/24/2023:Jacob's paper "Observation of Gapped Topological Surface States and Isolated Surface Resonances in PdTe2 Ultrathin Films" has been published in Nano Letters. Congratulations! 

12/17/2022: Johnson Lu graduates with PhD degree and will start his postdoc at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Congratulations!

10/6/2022: Our project "Artificially engineered antiferromagnetic material for spintronic applications" has been funded by MSEI seed-grant. Congratulations!.

8/6/2022Johnson's paper "Realization of unpinned two-dimensional dirac states in antimony atomic layers" has been published in Nature Communications. Congratulations! 

5/23/2022:Xiaoqian's paper "Self-Intercalation Tunable Interlayer Exchange Coupling in a Synthetic van der Waals Antiferromagnet" has been published in Advanced Functional Materials. Congratulations! 

5/17/2022:Our high-school researcher Kyle Chen has been selected as one of 2022 Missouri's U.S. Presidential Scholars. Big congrats to Kyle!

4/21/2022:Johnson's paper "Dirac Fermion Cloning, Moiré Flat Bands, and Magic Lattice Constants in Epitaxial Monolayer Graphene" has been published in Advanced Materials. Congratulations! 

8/30/2022:Xiaoqian's paper "Giant Topological Hall Effect in van der Waals Heterostructures of CrTe2/Bi2Te3" has been published in ACS Nano. Congratulations! 

05/20/2021: Matthew Snyder has graduated and will start his PhD study at University of Wisconsin, Madison. Congratulations!

5/3/2021Xiaoqian's paper "Room-temperature intrinsic ferromagnetism in epitaxial CrTe2 ultrathin films" has been published in Nature Communications. Congratulations!

4/26/2021: Our review article "Weyl, Dirac and high-fold chiral fermions in topological quantum matter" has been published in Nature Reviews Materials. Congratulations!

1/23/2020: Our research article "Realization of Symmetry-Enforced Two-Dimensional Dirac Fermions in Nonsymmorphic α-Bismuthene" has been published in ACS Nano. Congratulations!

06/20/2019: Guang has been selected as MU President's Award for Early Career Excellence . Congratulations!

05/20/2019: Madison Schwinn has been accepted in PhD program at Northwestern University.

Chi Chen has been accepted in PhD program at Virginia Tech University.

Buyuan Luo has been accepted in graduate program at University of Copenhagen.

Xiangyu Lin has been accepted in PhD program at Georgetown University.

Big congratulations to Madison, Chi, Buyuan, and Xiangyu. Well done!

07/22/2018: Our project "Design and Characterization of Novel Superconducting Topological Semimetals" has been sponsored by the US National Science Foundation (NSF). Congratulations!

06/25/2018: Adam Smith graduates with Bachelor's degree and starts his career at Luna Innovations Inc.'s research lab. Congratulations to Adam!

05/22/2018: Angus' paper "Multiple Topological Electronic Phases in Superconductor MoC" has been published in Physical Review Materials. Congratulations!

01/21/2018: We have finished the installation of our experiment facility-Missouri Integrated Nano Analysis System (MINAS). All components (MBE, STM, ARPES) work properly in the preliminary test. Our beautiful machine is in full operation! Congratulations!